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Self Track™ Training (Now known as ACCOUNTABILITY Builder™)

Oz Principle Self Track

Getting Results Through Individual And Organizational Accountability

# 1 Leadership Book – The New York Times
# 1 Leadership Book – Wall Street Journal
# 1 Leadership Book – USA Today
# 1 Leadership Book – Publisher’s Weekly

 Drive Measurable Results Through Accountability

Our Self Track™ training and consulting instills positive accountability across all levels of your workforce. Based on the classic New York Times bestselling business book, The Oz Principle, our award-winning approach motivates and empowers individuals using our powerful Steps to Accountability®. The concepts, models, and tools presented in this program equips the individuals in your organization with a powerful skillset that gives you a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The Oz Principle Definition of Accountability: a personal choice to rise above one’s circumstances and to demonstrate the ownership necessary for achieving key results: to See It, Own It, Solve It, Do It.®

When we work with our clients in rolling out this version of accountability, we have seen dramatic improvements in organizational performance and excellence. Using Accountability Builder and our intuitive Steps to Accountability® model, we help clients build a strong foundation of positive accountability that delivers long-term, sustainable growth. Specifically, this program helps organizations to:

  • Improve performance: We help clients improve performance and close performance gaps through our SOSD™ Accountability Tool. This tool helps leaders and members of the workforce identify, work through, and execute on areas of opportunity.
  • Strengthen leadership: We help clients create greater transparency and an environment of trust throughout the workplace by providing a proven model for exchanging feedback.
  • Increase employee engagement: Creating positive personal accountability at all levels of a workforce instills an empowering Above The Line® behavior and encourages joint accountability for delivering on the top three or four key results of an organization.
  • Create environments of innovation: We help clients create cultures of innovation, where cross-department collaboration and necessary risk-taking is encouraged and a fail-fast attitude is embraced.
  • Enhance personal development: Not only does this program support the achievement of our clients’ missions but also facilitates the personal development of every member of the organization trained in this solution, resulting in higher employee retention and satisfaction levels.

Workshop Description

The Self Track™ Training is a highly sought-after Workshop that gives participants the understanding and tools necessary for creating greater accountability in their organization. While working on actual organizational results, participants apply the principles from the bestselling book, The Oz Principle®: Getting Results Through Individual And Organizational Accountability and experience the Steps To Accountability® that are necessary to achieve those results. Throughout the workshop, the skills, attitudes, and tools for taking the steps to See It, Own It, Solve It, and Do It® are presented and practiced. The Self Track™ Training is an interactive workshop that helps participants create and shape a Culture of Accountability® where people avoid the Blame Game®, focus on achieving results, and constantly ask, “What else can I do?” to meet deadlines, overcome obstacles, and achieve results. They learn how to take the Steps To Accountability® and operate Above The Line®.


To help workshop participants learn how to take greater personal accountability for achieving key organizational results in spite of difficult circumstances and challenging obstacles.


  • Clarify the Key Organizational Results and align people’s daily work objectives with those results.
  • Introduce a positive approach to creating greater accountability throughout the organization.
  • Create greater ownership for achieving the Key Results by using the Steps To Accountability.
  • Learn how to apply the tools and practices that accelerate greater accountability both individually and organizationally.
  • Develop specific action steps using Accountability Plans for Creating A Culture Of Accountability and achieving the desired results.

The Oz Principle Accountability Training Workshop consists of five training modules, typically delivered in a one-day format. Partners In Leadership Executive Facilitators use enhanced learning methodologies to deliver the training in a way that accelerates implementation and improves sustained application, including

  • Interactive Exercises.
  • Team Application Sessions.
  • Small and Large Group Debriefs.

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