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Partners in Leadership® Overview


Achieve the Results You Want Most

For nearly three decades, Partners In Leadership has delivered a proven, award-winning, impactful, and sustainable approach to creating a Culture of Accountability in organizations of any size. The tested and refined implementation of our Accountability Training® results-producing principles and methodologies assist leaders and teams in achieving their key results. These principles and practices of positive accountability are captured in their No. 1 New York Times Bestselling leadership book, The Oz Principle: Getting Results Through Individual and Organizational Accountability®.

Our global network in 105 countries of professionals has enabled thousands of companies and millions of people to achieve dramatic results, reporting billions of dollars in improved shareholder wealth and saving hundreds of thousands of jobs—resulting in some of the highest praised and best places to work in the world.

Partners In Leadership’s successful track record has established them as both thought leaders and expert practitioners in coming to grips with how to create rapid culture change and greater accountability at every level of the organization. Their clients include 25% of the “Most admired companies in the world,” almost half of the Dow Jones Industrial Average Companies and nearly half of the Fortune 50 largest companies in the United States.

Two Levers for Lasting Change

Organizations can pull two mutually-enhancing levers to produce results: strategy (what they work on) and culture (how they work). Just as the right strategy aims to deliver a client’s mission, a Culture of Accountability produces the engagement, commitment, ownership, innovation, satisfaction, and ultimately the results the mission expects.

Glides Consulting Partners is the Authorized Exclusive International Representative of Partners in Leadership’s Accountability Training and Culture Change Services in Singapore and Malaysia. We partner companies in their purpose in achieving organizational results and taking organizational, team and individual performance to the next level.

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