Our Methodology

pyramidSelf Learning

When everyone in a team and organization is motivated and takes initiative to learn, this is a healthy team.  Self learning takes place by reading books, sharing of ideas, brown-bag discussions, and ongoing round-table discussions sessions.  When an individual improves, the team is challenged to move to the next level of knowledge. As skills improve, the organisation has to adapt its processes, policies and structure to cater for these. At this stage, formalized training will ensure consistency of skill sets of the whole group and increase the overall capability.


Skills Learning

Learning in a larger scale is often called Training.  It helps to improve the capability level which is How to do things.  This could be acquired through training classes.  It addresses the cognitive level of a person’s development needs. Organizations provide training programmes to address this area.  After skills acquisition, the team needs to apply these newly learnt skills.  Putting into practice is “just doing it”, or what we call On-The-Job Training (“OJT”).  Workshops are an effective means to help the team learn in a safe environment.


Practical Learning through Workshops

To put skills into actions, workshops are a very effective way of practical learning as it provides a ‘simulated’ environment to practice skills and role-play scenarios.  Glides Consulting Partners has delivers workshops and develops some to help organizations and teams achieve higher performance through workshops like:

  • Transformation To High Performance Teams
  • Conflict Management workshop through Thomas-Kilmann Instrument (TKI)
  • Stakeholders Alignment Workshops
  • Accountability workshops:
    • Self Track ™ – Holding individual accountability
    • Others Track ™- Holding Others accountable

When a person’s performance is NOT related to Skills, it may be caused by will.  This is when the person requires 1:1 Coaching.



Coaching is very personalized and caters to the specific needs of an individual’s development.  Many people refer to terms like Coaching, Mentoring and Sponsorship loosely to indicate 1:1 relationship.  Glides Consulting Partners provides a customized methodology of coaching to reveal the inner potential of individual’s motivation, emotional and professional needs.  Each coach from Glides Consulting Partners has over 20 years of corporate experience, in sales, marketing and technical business functions.



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