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Easy No Cook Fudge Recipe - Raw and Vegan Fudge

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10 minutes

The easiest, healthiest fudge you'll ever make! No thermometer, marshmallow fluff or corn syrup required. It's vegan and raw, too.


A Liver Cleansing Diet Menu: Eat for Good Health


orange & blueberry cheesecake

Easy + delicious plant-based recipes that make ya feel good. // xo

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Raw Food Desserts

Make raw food desserts like ice cream, brownies, tarts and crumbles! These recipes are delicious!


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Natural Liver Cleansing Diet and Healthy Detox Recipes

Natural Liver Cleansing Diet and Healthy Detox Recipes

How to make a natural liver cleansing diet and flushes. Get inspired with these healthy liver detox recipes.

raw fudge cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting

Easy + delicious plant-based recipes that make ya feel good. // xo

Bruschetta with Raw Garlic Bread - VEGAN Recipe

I threw a potluck at my place yesterday. One of my efforts was a pungent, fresh and tasty bruschetta. Back in my 'gluten' days I used to make this simple dish A LOT. The flavours are so vivid when the tomatoes are fresh from the vine. Room temperature, to bring out their sweet, acid fruitiness. When freshly minced garlic, peppery extra virgin olive oil and basil combine with the tomatoes, and a good pinch of rock salt is rubbed between thumb and fingers to freckle over the top..something…